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How it works


eAuction Module
This modul allows the organizer to run an eAuction for a purchase or sale contract.
During an eAuction, participants place consecutive bids for getting the contract. Each new bid is displayed to the other participants, and they have the opportunity to update their bid. And when this happens, the cycle continues. Thanks to an extension mechanism, in the case when a bids comes just minutes before the closing time, the closing time is extended by a redefined number of minutes, so that other participants can review their position.
This negociation method is suitable for the purchase of commodities or complex goods or services based on clear requirements. Over the years we have auctioned purchases like bread, soap, drugs, wrapping material, tyres, standard or custom build parts, cables, meal tickets, stationary, cardboard, marketing materials, transport services, IT equipment and supplies. We also auctioned the sale of excess inventory (scrap metal, waste, degraded goods or furniture)
We support our customers in all the phases of an eAuction: in deciding whether an eAuction is the best course of action for a contract negotiation, in scheduling the event or in setting up the eAuction itself. We also provide training and support for the participants to the event so that everything runs smoothly.
The result is a process that is fast, transparent and the savings are remarkable.

eBuyer Module
This module offers support for all activities related with the purchase of goods and services
All the factors involved in the procurement process (the internal beneficiary, buyers, managers, suppliers and auditors) can perform their tasks through the use of a single platform, which simplifies the whole process and improves communication and efficiency.
All the documents are managed electronically (purchase requests, RFx, offers, orders, reception notes and suppliers evaluation). Documents don't get lost and their status can be queried online. The document flow can be easily customized for each customers as it includes an workflow engine.
The application can be installed on the customer's network or it can be supplied as a service (SaaS). This later option saves the customers the initial investment in hardware and software installation as well as the ongoing system administration work.



Significant Savings: The average savings are around 10% of the starting price. If you auction 10 % of the total spend and save 10% , this translates into an overall spend reduction of 1%. This becomes profit for the company

Transparent and Fast Process: The process is transparent both for buyers and suppliers as the negotiation is managed by a system. Participants can ‘see’ each others anonymously. We can typically run an eAuction within 24 hours and a trained buyer typically needs to spend less than 2 hours to organize an eAuction

Standard Business Practice: eAuctions are being used by most mid or large size romanian companies. Most likely that your competitors use it and get a competitive edge


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We have around 10 years of experience of running eAuctions, some of the largest and finest companies in Romania have become our customers over the years and we saved more than 4 million EUR for them.


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